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    CRI News60秒 2019-01-04

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    Academics explain mainland-Taiwan relations to mark 40th Anniversary of Message to Compatriots in Taiwan (2)

    President Xi Jinping proposed that the mainland and Taiwan conduct democratic consultation on cross-Strait relations and the future of the nation and establish institutional arrangement for peaceful development of cross-Strait relations.

    Xi’s proposal was raised at a Thursday gathering to commemorate the 40th anniversary of issuing Message to Compatriots in Taiwan, a historical statement marking mainland’s policy towards Taiwan.

    Prior to the gathering, CRI’s Luo Laiming spoke with scholars to find out the answers to important questions regarding the cross-Straits relation.

    1. Why are we celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Message to Compatriots in Taiwan? What do you think is the significance of that message? What changes did it bring about?

    2. What has kept us from getting reunited across the strait in the past 40 years?

    3. How are the recent developments in local politics in Taiwan going to affect the relations across the strait? The pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party has just suffered a defeat to the Kuomingtang in local elections in November. Will this have a bearing on cross-strait relations?

    4. There have been many ups and downs in the past 40 years, what are the lessons we can take from these ups and downs?

    5. What else can we do to facilitate peaceful reunification?

    Shao Yuqun is director of the Institute for Taiwan, HK & Macao Studies at the Shanghai Institute of International Studies

    Listen to the interview:

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